Three Essential Kayaking tips for beginners

There is something about kayakers that makes us want to envy them. Their idea of an ideal Sunday is to bob around on a kayak in idyllic surroundings catching their own lunch in the waters or even better, plunging down whitewater rapids while the rest of the world lazes around on their couch.

If you are intrigued by kayaking and are looking to jump on to the bandwagon or have recently gotten your first kayak, then these can be exciting times.

You are testing the waters with your first inflatable or hard-shell kayak, you are learning the basics of paddling in the waters, you have just encountered your first tailwind and are just starting to understand how tracking can work on a windy day.

But there are some very essential tips that nobody will talk about unless you have joined a Kayaking club or are learning the basics from an expert. If you are a DIY person who has hit the waters without any formal training or after watching YouTube tutorials, then here are three essential tips about Kayaking that you should know right off the bat.


Never dress according to the weather while Kayaking

There’s a common misconception that you should always dress according to the weather when heading out to the water. That couldn’t be more wrong. You should always dress according to the water. Because the chances of you ending up in the water are significantly higher when you start off and the last thing you need is to be caught underdressed in freezing water. Don’t get us wrong here. You’d still need your sunglasses, sunscreens and a hat. But if you are heading out where the water can be cold, wear a layer or two of quick-dry clothing. Also, skip those sandals for water shoes. You might just thank yourself later.


Choose the right kayak

One of the biggest mistakes that newbie kayakers often make is to pick the wrong kayak for the type of water that they are going to use it in. If you are buying a beginner’s inflatable model, then it is most likely designed for idle and calm waters like that in a lake. If you attempt to take it Class IV rapids, then you are more than likely to end up in the water causing irreparable damage to the boat and a lot of injuries to yourself. Speak to experienced Kayakers before you swipe that card, read reviews and make an informed decision.


Be aware of safety drills: Depending on whether you have a single boat Kayak or one that can house multiple people; you must be aware of the safety drills in the event of your boat capsizing. You should learn how to use a pump and a patching kit in case your Kayak ruptures and springs a leak. Also, learn how you can save yourself and the person kayaking with you in case of an emergency. There are many clubs that conduct basic courses on Kayaking safety measures. Join one of these clubs if you are unsure about it.

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